Mark Meloche

VFX Supervisor

My name is Mark Meloche, and I am a visual effects supervisor located in British Columbia, Canada, and an avid horror and sci-fi fan!
A 25+ year career has seen me evolve from advertising and graphic design to 3D animation, 2D compositing then to VFX Supervisor local and abroad giving me the invaluable ability to gauge what the wide spectrum of television and film productions need to achieve maximum visual impact.

Experience & Duties

-direct dialogue with writers, producers and directors

-attending concept, logistic and production meetings

-Script breakdowns, budgeting

-location and tech scouts

-talent scouting/hiring

-direct interaction with 3D/2D pipeline workflows

Embracing not only new technical approaches but also tried and true shortcuts ensures flexibility while shooting and in post-production.

I suggest visiting IMDB to view my vast portfolio.

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